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  • Contemporary and stylish tall TV Unit designed for Indian Homes
  • Sturdy Structure:

a)Shelves made of scratch proof tinted glass resting on metal(MS) frames

  1. Verticals are 37mm thick made of lasting Engineered Wood and Honey comb
  • Ample storage in closed cabinet and shelves.
  • Premium long lasting soft closing hinges used for the cabinets and Telescopic Channels used for the Drawers.
  • Furniture designed to look classy with exclusive finish.
  • Three years limited Manufacturer Warranty. Please read the Warranty Certificate for more details.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Standard Delivery time 2-3 weeks.

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  • Material: Engineered Wood, Honey Comb, Metal Frames and 8mm thick Glass Shelves
  • Recommended Load: 35KG
  • Movable: Yes. Please read care instruction for moving the product.
  • Ideal TV Size: Up to 50 Inches
  • Type: Rested on Floor
  • No. of Cabinets :1
  • No. of Shutter Doors: 1
  • No. of Drawers: 2
  • No. of Shelves: 1
  • Storage Type: Cabinet and Shelf
  • Warranty :36 months
  • Size: 4 ft 3 in (L) x 1 ft 4 in (D) x 2 ft 6 in (H)


The warranty of below-mentioned products are given by the manufacturers at the time of purchase

Take a look at the product with their warranty years

Product Years of warranty
Cabinet 3
Vertical Panels 3
Glass Racks /Door Panels 3
Laminate 3
Handles & Knobs 3
Wire Accessories 1
Hardware & Accessories Life Time


This warranty gives assurance to the buyer that the product will have no defective workmanship. The warranty is only applicable if the product is properly maintained and is used for domestic purpose. The manufacturer gives complete 3 years warranty to the buyer, and it starts from the date of delivery of the product. In the case of any defect, there are two options:

  • Either the product will be repaired, or
  • Item replacement will be done because of defective quality.

If a case of unavailability of warranted product, Studio Kook will provide a substitute of that product, which will have close similarity in dimension and color of the original item. However, we don’t provide any guarantee that the replaced product will be an replica of the original item.


This warranty is invalid if, a person apart from Studio Kook’s representative installs or repairs the product, without taking legal approval from us. Our warranty is not applicable if the product is damaged because of below mentioned reasons:

  • Damage caused because of normal use (including cuts and scratches) or if wear and tear happen due to accidents.
  • Wear and tear occurred due to certain chemicals.
  • Mishandling, or careless use.
  • Mistreatment with the product, which includes the use of inappropriate cleaning material.
  • Fading of a product because of exposure to ultraviolet light, heat, and moisture. Warranty will also not work if the panels, cabinets, doors and drawer fronts are experiencing too much of steam.
  • Use of products at such a place which is not in consent with the product instructions and is not approved by Studio Kook.
  • Too much exposure to water and heat.

Studio Kook is not responsible for the indirect loss which includes wear and tear of personal property, inconvenience, and loss of use. Studio Kook’s warranty for the product will never exceed the actual price of the purchased product and its replacement. Studio Kook provides a guarantee which follows Indian Consumer Law. A consumer is entitled to replacement only in case of major damage and can demand compensation for other reasonable loss. The products will be replaced or repaired only in case of poor quality and when the damage is not a significant damage.


Claim for replacement or repair will be approved only when the buyer gives proof of home ownership, invoice and warranty certificate given by Studio Kook at the time of purchase. Only the original purchaser of the product can avail the warranty benefits. It can’t be transferred to the subsequent buyer of the property where the product is installed. Studio Kook reserves the right in case the damaged product is found by the company’s representative before being claimed by the buyer. If it has been found that the product is not applicable for the warranty, then buyer needs to pay Rs. 1000.00 as inspection fee.

Installation & Care:

  1. Installation will be done by Studio Kook trained professionals only.
  2. Installation Manual and Instructions is provided with the Product for your reference only.
  3. The glass surface and the laminate surface can be wiped with a wet soft cloth only.
  4. Please don’t use any cleaner or acid to clean the surface. It may permanently damage the surface of the product.
  5. Accumulation of water on the product or on the floor where the product is installed will damage the product.
  6. Please don’t lift the product by holding the metal frames. Lift or slide the product slowly by holding the verticals only.
  7. Avoid exposing or scrapping the product (glass or Laminate Surface) with coarse cloth or any pointed object. It will cause permanent scratches on the product.
  8. Avoid exposing the product to direct sunlight, sunlight may damage the finish of the product.

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