Protect Your Furniture With a Manufacturer’s Warranty

Furniture Warranty

Today homes are equipped with a wide range of modern furniture like TV units, wall bookshelves, side sofa table, coffee table, partition furniture etc. However, each and every piece of furniture represents a considerable investment. So any kind of accident or damage to it will not only have a severe impact on your day-to-day activities but will also put you into a huge financial loss.

To protect your furniture from such situations, it pays to treat your equipment with some care to extend their life and durability. And here is a where a manufacturer’s warranty comes in hand.

What is Manufacture Warranty?
A warranty or a guarantee is provided by the manufacturer of the product. It assures you that the product is of good quality and performance, providing you with peace of mind.
A manufacturer’s warranty even provides protection against unforeseen events that cause the breakdown and physical damage of the furniture. Moreover, a warranty claim offers easy and quick service from the manufacturer directly. Just contact the company through the contact details provided on your policy and they will ensure your furniture is taken care off within no time, giving you a good peace of mind.

Shop at and Get a Warranty On All Products
Studio Kook is one such online furniture store in India that provides a three-year warranty on products. All Studio Kook products are covered under warranty against any manufacturing or material defect in any part or component of the furniture which fails during normal use.

Studio Kook will aptly replace such furniture or part/component as soon as you claim for the same. Replacement and repair will be at the sole discretion of Studio Kook.

Studio Kook understands how much you rely on this modern furniture like TV units, wall bookshelves, side sofa table, coffee table, partition furniture etc you use every day, and that you can’t afford to break or damage one. So if you are really on a hunt for high-quality furniture that features longevity and durability visit Studio Kook right now!!

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October 11, 2018

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