5 Reasons Why You Need to Choose Studio Kook

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Studio Kook is an ideal online furniture store, allowing you 24 hours access to a large furniture inventory from anywhere, anytime. Whether you are looking for the perfect kitchen organizer, partition furniture, computer table/study table, wall bookshelf, or TV unit online Studio Kook has a range of styles and choices for you to choose from making it easy for you to find that right furniture to brighten your home space.

Here we bring to you 5 reasons why you need to choose Studio Kook

Provides High-Quality Products
Studio Kook offers contemporary furniture without any compromise on quality. Top quality engineered wood and laminates, MS (manufactured steel) metal frames and 8mm thick strong glass are been used while manufacturing the furniture. All accessories like handles, hinges, and channels are of good quality and of reputed brands. Moreover, aesthetics and strength are considered to be the core qualities of Studio Kook designs.

Provides Specifications of Each Product
Studio Kook provides exact details about every single product online. While choosing your favorite kitchen organizer, partition furniture, computer table/study table, or wall bookshelf etc; you can look for specifications like size, height, and weight bearing capacity online. Moreover, each product is available in multiple colours. You can confirm the availability of your colour choice before placing your order online.

Free installation and Assembly services
Studio Kook provides free installation and assembly services. The trained technicians will take your appointment and come and install the furniture at your convenience. Installation time may depend upon the furniture type, however the same can easily be completed in two hours time.

Provides Warranty
All Studio Kook products are covered under 3 year warranty against any manufacturing or material defect in any part or component of the furniture which fails during normal use. Studio Kook assures to replace such furniture or part/component as per requirement. However, replacement and repair will be at the sole discretion of Studio Kook.

Great Customer Service
Studio Kook prides itself on providing great customer service. If you need any assistance while choosing your favorite kitchen organizer, computer table/study table, or wall bookshelf online you can contact the customer service department at +919112257788 or send an email at info@studiokook.com. The trained customer service staff will help you in selecting the right furniture and booking your order online.

Moreover, for any query or problem regarding the furniture, you can send a detailed mail of your problem on the customer service email id customercare@studiokook.com. The customer care team will ensure they respond and resolve your queries and problems as soon as possible.
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September 27, 2018

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